anodyne_therapy5.pngAnodyne Therapy

Anodyne Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices that are used to successfully increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm. Anodyne Infrared Therapy Systems are used by numerous health care professionals, including Chiropractors, for improved patient outcomes.


Anodyne Infrared Therapy is cleared by the FDA for temporarily increasing circulation and reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm. Conditions that would benefit from Anodyne Therapy include treatment of: acute pain/ injuries, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain and or poor circulation caused by chemotherapy, diabetes, vascular diseases, etc.

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Cold_Laser.jpgCold Laser Therapy

Cold Lasers use laser energy to help the body heal itself. Traditional medicine practitioners sometimes favor treatment options like Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound and Tens. These treatments have provided relief for many patients over the years and may be used in combination with cold laser treatment for even better results.

Currently, there are over 25 different cold lasers that have been cleared by the FDA for various types of treatments. Cold laser have been in use around the world for over 30 years and have been in use in the US for over 10 years. Cold Laser therapy, also known as Low level laser therapy, has been proven completely safe in over 3000 worldwide studies.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Non-Toxic and Non-Invasive
  • Virtually No Contraindications
  • Easy to Apply, No Side Effects or Pain
  • Very Safe and Very Effective for Patients (90%)
  • Superior Alternative to Analgesics, NSAIDS and other Medications
  • Reduces the Need for Surgery

Because cold lasers increase ATP production and blood flow, reduces pain and inflammation, and activates the body's natural healing processes, cold lasers can be used for:

  • Neck Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain
  • Elbow joint pain and injuries
  • Lower extremities pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Knee Joint Pain and Injuries
  • Cut and laceration healing and other soft tissue injuries


Interferential Current 

A piece of physiotherapy equipment commonly used by chiropractors is the interferential current machine. This machine produces electrical currents (~4000HZ) that pass through the affected area of the patient. The current tends to penetrate deeper than other electrical modalities and has a number of physiological effects that have therapeutic value.

The physiological effects include: 

  1. an increase in localized blood flow which can improve healing by reducing swelling (the additional blood flowing through the area takes edematous fluid away with it) and as a result helps remove damaged tissue and bring nutrients necessary for healing to the injured area 
  2. the stimulation of local nerve cells that can have a pain reducing/anaesthetic effect due to potentially blocking the transmission of the pain signals (pain gate mechanism) or by stimulating the release of pain reducing endorphins (opiod mechanism) 
  3. some degree of muscle stimulation as muscle contraction can be achieved through external application of an electrical current, overcoming some of the muscle inhibition often caused by local injury and swelling

The electrical current is applied to the affected area using four electrodes. The four electrodes are placed in such a way that the two currents produced cross each other in the affected area. For example, if it is a shoulder injury that is being treated, the two currents can be applied so that they cross deep within the actual shoulder joint itself. Where the two currents meet, they actually 'interfere' with each other; hence the name 'interferential.' 

Should the Patient Feel Interferential Current? 

The patient should not feel any pain or discomfort from the application of the interferential current. During treatment patient will feel a tingling or 'pins and needles' sensation at the contact area and may also feel the tingling sensation throughout the area being treated. This sensation may continue for a brief period following treatment as well. The intensity of the current should be increased within the patient's comfort level. A stronger current will usually have a more beneficial effect but the intensity should not be turned up so high as to cause pain. 

Safety and Contraindications 

IFC has been used in clinical settings for many years and has been proven to be very safe. However, use should be avoided on individuals with pacemakers and near the low back or abdomen of pregnant women. You should also avoid the use of this modality in a body part where there is any possible risk of cancer.


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